RIP The Abominable Snowman … 

We fell in love with you when we sat behind your wheel by chance in April 2011… That short test ride from Sikanderpur to Kachra Chowk in Gurgaon just decided it in your favour. Then the whole drama of getting you delivered the day I was in Chennai for Geetha’s wedding as a surprise birthday gift for Krishnan’s 50th birthday … Unforgettable. 

We could take you anywhere and it felt like you were looking forward to every adventure. You didn’t move a centimetre even when the 7.5 ton Shaktiman kissed you at Reckong Peo… Just a nick to remember the encounter and even that got cleaned out. Oh, why didn’t you come equipped with a raft ? So you could have saved yourself in the Chennai floods on Dec 1st ? It felt really sad to see you go in a watery grave, but such is life. 

Thank you for the special memories, the fun times, the awesome drives and we miss you… Hopefully someday we will drive you or your bigger variant again. RIP Skoda Yeti HR 26 BK 5424. 


At Jalori Pass, after 90 kms of driving in the first gear over the toughest terrain that we took you on.
Just before reaching Rameswaram … what a fun trip that was 🙂
Today as they were fixing the cable to tow you ..

The final ride … Hope you stay whole and get a new electronic unit and serve many more years. Goodbye friend. 

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