#ChennaiFloods – Hey there is the marsh land !!

Today the skies were clear and the Sun beat down on Chennai. In the evening we went up to the roof of our house and suddenly saw the marsh lands of Pallikaranai with a lot more water than usual. The  small patches of brown and green were also visible because during the floods, it was just water till where you could see !

Took some pictures with a telescopic lens … Enjoy bird watching through my lens 🙂



Birds in the sky :)
Birds in the sky 🙂
A formation … couldn’t capture very well


Guess there is a dead buffalo and some men were trying to take it out of the water 🙁 Must have drowned during the floods…
Birds sitting on wires !
Birds sitting on wires !
A solo flight :)
A solo flight 🙂


Finally a man made bird ...
Finally a man made bird …

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