#ChennaiFloods – An ounce of prevention…

The information reached the relevant authorities well in advance but the “revolutionary” leader’s nod was awaited and since God Varuna doesn’t report to the “revolutionary” leader, he did his job on his scheduled time…. The sluice gates weren’t opened in time and Chennai paid the price –

… An old retired couple drowned in their own house because water came in so fast that they couldn’t locate the keys. A baby drowned because the parents thought they could move some of the stuff upto the first floor and then carry the baby up safely, but the water rose so quickly that it cut off access to the baby’s room. Another couple were turned back from the airport, dropped in front of a hospital and were just washed away. A young man tried saving other people and drowned himself. An old mother went to a watery grave all alone … Her son couldn’t get in. A brother who refused to leave his mom and disabled sister died with them. 450+ such untimely deaths of human beings, is what the “revolutionary” leader’s silence caused.

… On Wednesday, we went to Gurudev Motors in Guindy to see if some technician could come and bring our Skoda Yeti to the workshop. The abominable snowman was submerged in the flood waters. When we got under the shutter and looked inside the workshop where we had brought the Yeti in March, Krishnan and I were nearly in tears. Rows of cars were unrecognisable, colours indistinguishable, because of the watermark on the walls at nearly 11 feet – all flooded and dying. Not just Gurudev Motors, but every car workshop had a similar scene. 25,00,000 such untimely deaths of magnificent cars, is what the “revolutionary” leader’s silence caused. 

… Muslim brothers took shelter in Temples, Hindu sisters took shelter in Mosques, Churches opened their doors, every house made new friends, celebrities became “true” heroes, people who had lost it all, still gave. A young man refused a second helping so his younger brother could eat some food, an old lady refused a second helping so others could be served, makeshift boats rescued the “rich”, Mobile ATMs ensured money reached those who needed it, and the “intolerance” debate drowned in the deluge. Probably the only good that the “revolutionary” leader’s silence caused. 

… A collector demolished 130 illegally constructed buildings. TNEB workers worked round the clock. Corporation workers worked round the clock. State owned transport services had 80% attendance. Central govt announced a massive relief package, many other state governments chipped in, celebrities and the rich gave a lot, the middle class, richer middle class, lower middle class, poor – all strata of society gave to each other. And the “revolutionary” leader was thanked by the “revulsionaries”.

While the rest of the country reaches out, the slogans of “resilient” Chennai are raised and lessons are learnt, we need to pause and think of the cause of all this misery. This is no act of God.. The “revolutionary” leader’s silence caused every single death and every single rupee being lost. The price for the “revolutionary” leader’s silence has been paid by us while the “revolutionary” leader and “revulsionaries” now await the sound of the relief dollars hitting their piggy banks without any sluice gates being shut … Free flow. 

An ounce of preventive effort on Nov 26th by the “revolutionary” leader would have prevented several million pounds of irretrievable damage. Who will bell the silent cat ? And the rest of the “revolutionaries” ? 

The first step has been taken – PIL in the High court

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