“Goonj” Namma Chennaiyil

Today started off well with a long walk at the Marina beach and then awesome breakfast at Gnanambiga’s canteen at Narada Gana Sabha as we came to pick up the tickets for Visakha Hari’s concert tomorrow. From Narada Gana Sabha we went to Goonj’s warehouse in Chennai on OMR…. I wrote this statement in a … Read more “Goonj” Namma Chennaiyil

Memorable – Twenty years later ..

He is Hareesh’s favourite violinist and Krishnan and I had attended his concert live with Hareesh some 20 years back … In the intervening 20 years, Hareesh is married and his son will be in college soon.. We both don’t live in Chennai any longer and while parts of the city remain the same, it’s … Read more Memorable – Twenty years later ..

An evening spent chatting over “chaat”

Dec 27, 2015  We had brunch at 11 am because the plan was to meet Nachi, Kousalya and Dhanush at Krishnan’s old school and then hit the “chaat” shops in the Mint area :). We took a Meru cab to reach from Pallikaranai because we weren’t sure if there will be parking space available there. … Read more An evening spent chatting over “chaat”

The Veena’s new synonym

My all time favourite Veena player is (late) Dr. Chitti Babu. I probably still have the cassette which had his album named “Temple Bells” and then another one where I forget the name but it had the “cuckoo” composition. I was fascinated by the “cuckoo” composition and loved to hear Dr. Chitti Babu’s rendition of … Read more The Veena’s new synonym

The lineage shows …

Her maternal grandfather is Palghat Mani Iyer and her paternal grandmother is D K Pattamal … Her genes ensured she had a great voice and the environment at home ensured she trained hard and diligently. The result is Nithyasree Mahadevan, with a voice that can sing in any octave and can move hearts. Nithyasree is … Read more The lineage shows …