The true Mahagatbandhan – Intolerant India Brigade

I misread the #IntolerantIndia voices completely. It took an Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao and Dileep Kumar, Ooops A. R. Rahman to bring me to my senses. Ofcourse India is intolerant and I will tell you how.

What happened in the Bihar elections ? It wasn’t the victory of democracy as we have been led to believe. Its the victory of a smart move on the political chessboard. What has it achieved ? Put a clearly certified corrupt Lalu back in power. His 9th standard failed son is just a front in the Deputy CM role. Remember the days of his mom, the wonderful Smt Rabri Devi as CM of Bihar…She was wonderful. She knew exactly where to sign by not reading anything that was on the paper, and it wasn’t because of the “fact” that she was unlettered but because she trusted her deputies and officials completely. How many of you can claim to be such bosses, having blind faith in your team ? The last time I knew of such a leader was 5000 years back when a truly blind Dhritarashtra trusted his sons blindly and we know the consequences !!

Now, see the Mahagatbandhan – it has Lalu, his one-time sworn enemy Nitish and the lovely all time  favourite Indian National CON party CONgress. Lending outside support was the self proclaimed anti-corruption crusader of India – AK49. As soon as the Mahagatbandhan “won”, sickular voices started dreaming of Nitish Babu as the next PM. Awesome. Now rewind a bit. Nitish, a good man, was good friends with the BJP and even with our current PM. Something went wrong between Nitish and NaMo and when BJP chose Modi as the PM candidate, egos flared up and Nitish walked out of a successful partnership. The leader of the then Mahagatbandhan against Mr. Modi, Shri L K Advani, whose Prime Ministerial aspirations were buried forever with Mr. Modi’s nomination tried his style of creating trouble by praising Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Nitish Babu and indicating that they would make better PM’s. Nitish Kumar went to the extent of making it clear that he won’t walk out of the BJP alliance IF L K Advani was made the PM candidate and not Mr. Modi. So clearly, he had no issues with the BJP, but with just one man, Mr. Modi.

Lalu is the smartest politician of our times – with the Supreme Court’s verdict declaring him guilty in the fodder scam, he knew he was finished as a politician because none of his children have his appeal, with or without the “Yadav” tag. So he applied the old adage “my enemy’s enemy is a friend” and reached out to Nitish Babu just before the Bihar elections and reluctantly agreed to Nitish being projected as the CM candidate. For Nitish, its a political suicide that he doesn’t see yet. He is a good man, with a room sized ego that most political leaders have, but by shaking hands with Lalu and being in collaboration with him he has shown himself as power hungry and Lalu’s taint will color him too. Ofcourse because he agreed to go with his arch enemy to get his desired result, it may keep Lalu in check, because Nitish can always turn around and hug BJP anytime !!. CONteam and their favourite baby RaRa can claim all the credit they want but RaRa needs someone else to tie his pyjama strings leave alone “thinking” up this Mahagatbandhan all by himself. The only thing that RaRa’s CONteam can offer is ****loads of swindled money. The AK49 angle is very very interesting. I wonder how Nitish Babu with his room sized ego and AK49 with his palace sized ego will adjust to each other’s deep desire to be the PM of India… AK49 in the meantime has to work doubly hard and spend more of the 500+ crore of taxpayers money on redeeming his personal popularity after that one tainted hug, AAP PR be damned. I love Lalu. I am almost tempted to vote for him… if only he was clean. The smell of rotting fodder is nauseating and now AK49 smells of the same thing.

Its interesting that the #IntolerantIndia Brigade was at its peak just before the Bihar elections and then suddenly for nearly three weeks after Nov 8 (the date the election results were announced) India went back to being a tolerant nation. Then yesterday two great voices spoke up and the debate rages on. I am not going to offer rebuttal, because enough of my fellow countrymen have offered the rebuttal already – India was very tolerant when the Mumbai riots happened, India was tolerant when terrorists attacked the TajMahal hotel, India was tolerant when Nellie riots happened – India just became intolerant when Bihar elections were around the corner and the BJP had a chance to win it. We get that. Brilliant poll strategy to win a battle but what this brigade doesn’t understand is we played right into the hands of the enemy who is winning the war.

The Paris attacks should scare every Indian, especially the Indians who follow Islam as their religion. Not because the terrorists who attacked France are Muslims but because ISIS is a terrorist organization that uses Islam as their front. Their intent is to spread terror and the more we speak of intolerance we gladden their hearts. For foolish personal gains, we are playing right into their hands. Intelligent SRK and even more intelligent AK – do you get that???? You have made your millions from the Indians who paid money to watch your movies, now just to make more millions or to evade scrutiny or to support childhood friends don’t play into the hands of the Mahagatbandhan that is forming. You don’t want India to be derailed and no one is doubting your patriotism because of your last name, but don’t play politics, stick to acting.

The Mahagatbandhan is playing into the hands of ISIS and every terrorist organization in the world for their narrow personal gains. By playing up the non-existent intolerance we will derail the PM’s efforts at bringing FDI and changes to the policy like GST that are critical. Have you forgotten how the CONparty raked up a non-issue like Sushma Swaraj asking the British consulate to follow their rules to give Lalit Modi an air ticket and derailed an entire session of parliament. GST could have been tabled and would have been up and running by now. Yes, they achieved their goal of denting Modi’s image a bit, but managed to dent India’s image by a wide margin. The CON party has only one aim – them first, India be damned…. exactly opposite of Modi who says India first, everything else be damned. Now the intelligent Indians have to choose who they want.

The Mahagatbandhan has inside help and thats what is really sad …. The insider has ensured that Modi is embarrassed in the OROP incident. He has a problem with the armed forces and he dragged his feet long enough for the veterans to sit on a dharna and to add insult to injury, he did a complete media blackout of their agitation. How dare he ?? He dares because he holds the media portfolio and his friends in the “tolerant” impartial (!!!!!) media toe his line. The architect of the Mahagatbandhan is this insider and as long as he stays in the government Modi is in trouble. He has enough on every politician and he has to stay relevant… he cannot win an election ever, so the only way to remain relevant is to create trouble and be available to solve it too. When will our PM and the common citizen see through this ? I feel the PM has already seen through this but is waiting for a major illness to incapacitate the insider before asking him to take rest and let the country be run by genuine well-meaning people.

A humble request to all those that are in the Intolerant India Brigade, understand why you have been drafted and as none of you is anti-national, please disband the brigade right away. You are hurting national interest, no less. Mr. Modi and many of his ministers are doing a fantastic job – they aren’t swindling from us and adding to their swiss accounts like the famous plundering four – dynasty-Pawar-Yadav-Karuna. Just read this article – The strange case of a 70 Billion UK company where Sharad Pawar was a director. Don’t believe that ? Well, an earlier article in the times of the UPA – Sonia Gandhi is richer than Queen Elizabeth. How can Madam Sonia Gandhi explain this? Nehru was nearly bankrupt, Indira Gandhi was not as rich, Sanjay Gandhi was blamed for the Maruti Suzuki deal, and suddenly Sonia Gandhi becomes richer than Queen Elizabeth ?? Here’s something that came on WhatsApp –


The Intolerant India Brigade has to read this article too – Why is politics so bitter and personal ?. You will see the making of the Mahagatbandhan and the reason why.

I forget who said, but said it rightly that always follow the money when solving a crime/problem. The person who benefits the most, earns the most will always be the reason behind the problem. In the Mahagatbandhan, money is the central issue. Modi as the PM has dried up all their (the Mahagatbandhan members) sources of income except the legit route and it hurts as hell, especially the family income has dwindled. Their (in)glorious history is being rewritten and their family tree roots are being exposed. The Mahagatbandhan idea I feel has been mooted by the insider  because it helps him to stay relevant. As with all monsters, creating one is easy, but when it grows, it eats its creator – Bhindranwale-Khalistan; America killing Saddam-ISIS etc etc.

Break-up the Mahagatbandhan… disband the Intolerant India Brigade. We have much to look forward to as a Nation. Lets learn from history and not play into the hands of our enemy like the time when colonial Brits came and allow the third loot to happen. Second loot ? The family and the awesome, foursome loot is the second loot.



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