Whose convenience….time to get back to basics

The other day we had gone to buy groceries from one of the ‘Fresh’ outlets(of the Heitage group) in Chennai, located in Pallikaranai. We were there by about 8.30 am. Within few minutes of being inside, we started feeling stuffy and looked around to see if the air conditioners were switched on. They were not. … Read more Whose convenience….time to get back to basics

The true Mahagatbandhan – Intolerant India Brigade

I misread the #IntolerantIndia voices completely. It took an Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao and Dileep Kumar, Ooops A. R. Rahman to bring me to my senses. Ofcourse India is intolerant and I will tell you how. What happened in the Bihar elections ? It wasn’t the victory of democracy as we have been led … Read more The true Mahagatbandhan – Intolerant India Brigade

Aam to “khas” hug !

Research says hugging is great for health.. Don’t believe me ? Read this article 7reasons why we should be giving more hugs. In the whole world today, there is one man who is an exception to this research :). You guessed it right, our dearly beloved Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal. One hug of his has sworn … Read more Aam to “khas” hug !

#TheChennaiRains … Truth 

7.45 pm – It has been raining for an hour and it’s still raining. Beautiful weather. Yes, there is water everywhere and Kumarika’s apartment complex is a small island. But, guess what … The roads are clear. Traffic is moving and life goes on.  We reached Chennai on the 20th instead of the 18th as … Read more #TheChennaiRains … Truth 

The entitled Indian

Just before we started on our trip this time, we went to Sanjay’s house for dinner. During the course of our conversation, Sanjay related an incident that happened at the OM Foundation school that he runs. He went to a classroom and found the waste bin overflowing. He asked the students why it was so … Read more The entitled Indian

November does it to CONteam ..

Just on a lark I checked on the blog I had written last November, and surprise, surprise – I have written “From Chaiwala to Paid spectators – RIP CONgress” and it features the two protagonists who have shamed us yet again.  I don’t want to waste time on Mani Shankar Aiyar…. His sublime “sneer” offends … Read more November does it to CONteam ..

Integrity – across the board !

Almost the entire month of September this year we celebrated our silver anniversary in Mongolia, and Ulaanbataar is the capital of Mongolia. Of this month in Mongolia, about eight to nine days were in the capital Ulaanbataar, at a very popular hostel by the name of Zaya Guest House. Zaya is the name of the … Read more Integrity – across the board !