Because you are worth it !!

I have tried to write everyday of this week starting Monday regarding the devil called stress and how we can be rid of it. Hopefully with these five blogs You got Stress ? :):)Passion, Purpose or what you are good at?http://48 hour days and 4 day weekendsLiving upto expectations… and this one, you can try and have a stress free work week.

Today I am taking help from one of the greatest leaders of our time, former President APJ Abdul Kalam. He said many things, he lived his life as an example but he left behind this one nugget, which if followed will make life stress free. Stress free doesn’t mean you don’t achieve anything – if a fisherman’s son from Rameswaram can become a great scientist and even the President of India, then anyone can do anything .. just learn to do it stress free.

APJ Abdul Kalam on work

So for all those spending that extra hour at work or expecting your team member to spend that extra hour, think again … would you like to be inefficient, incompetent, have no social life and spend less time with the family? And yes, as a bonus, you will also be rewarded with “stress” tied with a ribbon that has your ECG reading and a nice large needle poked into you with medicines getting added to your blood stream directly.

Don’t leave office early today because its Friday, do it because you are efficient and competent and want to spend time with your family… and do it on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays too. Like the L’Oreal advert says, do it because you are worth it.

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