Are you in Beta mode?

For the first time in my life, I am using the language of techies..

In the world of technology, Beta mode refers to product testing; just before you launch your product in the market place, you give your product to a set of customers to study and use your product. They then give you feedback about your product giving you valuable insights that help you to strengthen the product before the market launch. Even after the launch, you need to be constantly on the look out for feedback and insights that leads to better product offering to your target customers. Just yesterday I read in Quora about an online consumer who wrote to Jeff Bezos at Amazon about lack of certain functionalities on their website only to find that the changes were brought into their website the very next day. 

Today’s marketplace calls for tremendous agility in thinking, learning, doing and being. To stay relevant you have to reinvent yourself constantly and consistently. At the level of an individual also it is important to be in a state of perpetual Beta mode. The shelf life of products, services, skills, knowledge, career graphs of CEOs, and whatever we may have been doing in the past for a living has been shrinking. Even as the shelf life keeps decreasing the opportunities to stay relevant and reinvent oneself is on the rise. Therefor let us be in continuous Beta mode, in a state of learning, always. 

Am sharing an article that highlights the need to be in Beta mode:

The one thing that leaders never stop doing

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