जान बचे तो लाखों पाए !

Am so happy today ! The day started with the best news possible. My friend’s son was in a serious bike accident a few days back and had undergone a major surgery – he had fractures in his skull. We were all praying and deeply worried that the young man should pull through. 

I woke up to the message that he has started talking and is now being treated with just oral medicines and a specific diet. What a way to start the day !

To all the bike enthusiasts out there – enjoy biking with responsibility. You aren’t a lone biker, even if you ride alone, there is someone who cares deeply for you and is waiting for you to return safely. Breaking an arm and a leg is all ok but please please please use a good quality helmet. Everything else that breaks can be fixed, head injuries are so dangerous and complicated. 

Especially young boys and girls who ride a bike, remember your parents every time you don’t wear a helmet….. The worst punishment for a parent is to see their child die before them. You need to lower your dad’s casket or light his pyre, and he should never be asked to do that. There is no greater pain in the world, my father-in-law and my uncle-in-law did that and while I never witnessed my father-in-law do the last rites for Kannan, I can never remove the image of Babu Chitappa placing the burning embers on Bharat. It’s just heart wrenching :(.

Appealing to the government to mandate wearing of good quality helmets and appealing to young bikers especially, only if you have a head can you show off your hairstyle and a helmet ensures that you keep your head. Your parents will be very happy having a bald child, rather than no child. Wear a helmet, ride safe, Don’t do it for the rule, do it for the people who brought you into this world and helped you get onto that bike. 

Happy day today for my friend and for all of us – जान बचे तो लाखों पाए ! Indeed. 

P.s – bike here means both the bicycle and the motorbike. 

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