“Havenly” India :(:(:(

It’s ok if a mother loses her only son for no fault of his, it’s ok if pavement dwellers are mowed down, it’s ok if a “respectable” leader wants a practical demonstration of how a gangrape can happen as he feels it’s not feasible … It’s ok if you overstay in the campus hostel, don’t have exams for several years and continue a two year course over 7 years …Sab chalta hai, as long as you are the rich and famous and preferably a “man”. 
Two Neelams lost their sons, one got some justice because her son’s murderer is behind bars, but the other one will probably never see her son’s death avenged. 18 years back, this Neelam’s son went to watch a movie at Uphaar cinema and died in the fire that broke out. Today the Ansal brothers have been let off with a fine of ₹60 crores …. But poor Ansal brothers I thought were broke !! How else can they own large tracts of land in Gurgaon, farm houses and sleep peacefully in this sweltering heat that feels like a fire has broken out ? Only if you are broke and paupers can you afford all this. “Relief” for the brothers say the “paid” news channels, as the Supreme Court has spared them a jail sentence. Relief indeed … The cocktails in the evening can go on safely, ooh, what a relief. India is “haven”, pun intended and I have made no spelling mistake. 

It’s ok sweetheart to mow down pedestrian low society folks who sleep in the open. After all you are the sweetheart of millions. Keep driving around and speak about responsibility and become the brand ambassador for the next luxury car to hit “havenly” India. When it’s a poor man or woman’s neck under the wheels, the sound of their skulls breaking is different and anyway, they are lowlife, so let them be under the ground rather than block the way when my Nation’s heartthrob is driving around drunk !! There should be no distraction when he is in his “havenly” spirits, you see. 

A wonderful grandfather and a “tall” leader wants to know, how gangrape can happen technically? It’s a fair question, he has run a state where rapes happen everyday so he has experience and c’mon don’t be shy, let’s talk about gangrape. Even if a woman spreads her legs really wide, it’s impossible for two “men” to force themselves upon her at the same instant. Grandpa, technically, the only way a woman can be raped by two men simultaneously is by two men forcing themselves from either side of her – one from the front and the other from the back. Now, if the men find it difficult, to do this, what they generally do, since women are fewer than men in our country, they take turns – when one is raping a woman, others don’t stand around, they help by pinning the woman down, be of them clamps her mouth because she may try to scream etc. When one is done, then others take turns and the technical term for this kind of raping is “gangrape”. I completely understand why you got this question, because with your advanced age and large size, some of your vital organs needed for raping probably don’t function. Generally gangrapes are done by young men, youth, who are the future of our great “havenly” Nation. 

Today, our nation needs to stop being “havenly” and send these wonderful creations of the all knowing God back to his “heaven”. I want to live in hell, because heaven is corrupt and the Angels have all been bought by the rich and mighty. The human being lives in hell and I want my country to have human beings, not these “angels”. Rid my country of these vampires and my dear Neelam, your son is safe, justice in the court of life will be delivered because God is the judge there… Tears for you and our Mother – India. 

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