Seven years ago 

Dear Appa,

Amma, Krishnan and I are sitting right now at home and the house is getting re-done …. Just as our lives were re-done when you had the cerebral haemorrhage on this day seven years back. Right now Ramu is working on the re-wiring and we were telling him about you. The plumbers had worked earlier in the day to change all the pipes and put in the new motor. Lots of changes. You would have especially liked the tiles that they have put in the kitchen – while those two boys came late and unprepared they are really specialists in putting the tiles. Slow painful work, but excellent workmanship, 

I had broken down seeing you unresponsive and on the ventilator … You had anyway asked me to let go when I reached the airport at Delhi but I couldn’t. I somehow felt you will fight back and you did fight back by surviving for nearly four months. Your love for Amma and your friends and siblings was evident because you held out till everyone could come by and say their goodbyes. And Amma got some time to get prepared for a life without you… It took her nearly three years to come to terms with it and understand how to live without you. 

I have been sending her upstairs to Prashanthi’s house while the work is happening because you know how hyper she gets :):). She tried telling Basha what had to be done, then she tried telling a few things to the plumber today … I had to fight with her to change the overhead tank but overall she has been a sport. With Basha being around, she is a little relaxed, because she knows the work will get done. Basha, Krishnan and I keep talking about you, he was reminiscing about how you had worked with him to get the upstairs place built. He has been telling the electrician and plumber about how you had connected all the pipes and wiring yourself. He has the fondest memories of you and Padmasini Periyamma.. Both of you have helped him start well in life I guess and were so encouraging that he took off. 

I found so many things from my school and college days … You have kept every single paper that I ever wrote anything on !! Btw we are down to the last two trunks that have to be cleared. Appa, even the gas cylinder that you had connected is still going strong. Everything in this house reminds us of you, and changing it is also fun. I can almost hear you say why spend on this, and why spend on that but I also sense you like all the changes I am making. Basha told Krishnan that many of my mannerisms are like yours and that I look like you :). 

Miss you Naana garu, but it’s ok.. You lived well, gave me wings to fly and be independent and you have left behind a host of friends and relatives who have a smile on their face as they remember you. That’s your legacy. 

Ok .. TV and the fridge ? I can bet that your son-in-law will change the TV … The fridge may survive if it continues to work as it has for nearly 25 years :):). 

Lots of love Appa. Posting some of the pictures of the work being done … It’s our way of remembering you. 


The second set of trunks 🙂
We had to take off the bougainvilla plant since it had overgrown and some part of the Mango tree
Changing all the switches .. this is how it looks when its broken up.
Ramu’s awesome work with the switchboards
My grandmother’s cot .. its got to be atleast 50 years old.

The granite being cut to size.. these guys are from Jaipur and granite is such a lovely stone.

The new kitchen tiles

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