Life lessons on a bike – get off your bum !

Today while cycling in the morning, Krishnan and I went over several speed breakers and that’s when another life lesson dawned on me. To call them speed breakers is very gentlewomanly … They are actually car breakers, back breakers and sometimes I think the people who build them, don’t own cars. So they build these monsters and get vicarious pleasure out of car drivers struggling over these. Anyway the way to ride over speed bumps on a cycle is to get off the seat, ride over the hump and then sit back on the seat. The reason you do that is to not hurt your bum because sometimes the landing can be rough… Going over the hump doesn’t do much damage.. Hmm, well the way they build some of these monsters, if you are at a decent speed, you may even tumble because the speed bump is built incorrectly. 

Isn’t life the same ? You hit a speed breaker alias challenge or difficulty and if you continue sitting on your bum, you will get hurt really badly ! When troubles come, the first thing to do is to get off your bum and adjust for the landing and then sit back once it’s smooth sailing. This is what most of us don’t do – the minute we see a roadblock we lose heart, try and avoid the road block and in general keep sitting on our bums hoping for a miracle. Cycling over a road bump is a great metaphor for life bumps as well – slow down, get off the seat, keep pedalling because if you stop you will fall, and once you land safely on the other side of the bump, sit back and enjoy the smooth sailing. 

Infact Jasbir taught me the technique of getting off the saddle when we hit a gravel patch too as we used to often on trails. It offers better balance and control. Again, a great life metaphor. If the path is gravelly, stay off the saddle, keep pedalling and slowly get to an easy path. There is no need for panic, we have the tools and techniques to deal with anything that life dishes out – we just need to keep our calm and navigate through ! What’s the worst that can happen ? Get off the cycle and walk. The way our feet have been designed, they are great tools to keep moving ahead. The key word is “moving”. If we sit on our bums, life will be a bummer. 

At work the speed bumps may come in the shape of a fellow human being or an elusive target that seems out of reach. The same logic applies … Get off the seat, keep pedalling slowly and wait for a smooth landing. If the landing continues to be gravelly, continue to stay off the seat. Go around, meet people, ask for suggestions, amp the atmosphere till you find that smooth landing. Just sitting in your cubicle hoping you get a great boss and a loving team who do all the work and let you take credit and the fat salary home won’t work :):). 

Enough “gyan” for a Sunday morning – enjoy your ride, and remember to get off your bum and keep pedalling as you hit a speed bump. Also try and find the guys who made the speed bump and get them to ride over them without the suggestion of getting off their seat :):). 

Have fun !

Huffing and puffing my way up a steady incline :):)

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