A Nano and a rig 

Dear Appa,

Remember you always wanted to get a Tata Nano and all of us discouraged you from buying it :). Well, yesterday we went and got the Eureka Forbes’ Nano vacuum cleaner and I wanted to let you know that “a” Nano comes home – it’s not the car, but it’s very cute and shaped like the car. 

In fact as you know, we are re-doing the house that you built three decades back and yes we are giving away your stock of implements – Appa, why did you keep all those taps, wires, pipes, tubes, a dozen spanners, garden implements ? Just the box in the foyer is good enough for a mason to setup his shop – am giving it away to Basha. Yes, he is the one re-doing the house that he built. Can you imagine that his son is studying to be a structural engineer ? Time just flies. I will take pictures of all your collections before giving them away, I promise. Here’s the first box – 

We replaced your overhead tank with a massive one and right now they have got a Atlas Copco rig standing outside to put the pipes in and connect to a new motor … Missing you so much right now because I can almost imagine you standing there and telling them what needs to be done. But I guess in a way you are … Through Basha and through all of us. Appa, we are changing the pipes so that water flows freely, I know, you kept the flow minimal so Amma doesn’t waste water. She is very happy with this change and the fact that there will be more water stored in the overhead tank. 
Appa, the thing that’s probably the closest to your heart is the electrical infrastructure. Well, Basha has managed to find someone who has understood your circuitry and we are getting new wires put in. Your work lasted three decades and would have probably lasted another decade, but our gadgets have changed completely and need the newer points. Hats off Appa. Btw, I just gave a bulb to the electrician from your collection and it’s working fine !

Am sure you are watching over all he changes and are enjoying the hustle and bustle at home … You are so connected to this house !! Love you and thanks for the special memories in all the trunks – while we give them away, I will preserve them through pictures. 

Lots of love,


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