Santa Jose 

Christmas came a few months early this year, nearly five months early, yesterday to be precise….  And Santa just got renamed as Jose :). We went to meet Jose yesterday as he was in Hyderabad for a day and luckily so were we. Since he was coming from Trivandrum, I couldn’t resist asking him for a pack of banana chips. I love those chips and infact all Malayalee food… Appams, Stew, Idiyappams, Ada Pradmanam, Puttu .. Oh my mouth is watering. 

I had sent an SMS to Jose requesting for a pack of banana chips and wasn’t sure if he had read it since I didn’t get a response. Once we met him, he said he needs 5 minutes to come with us to Radisson. So we thought he was going to freshen up. He casually put his suitcase on the side-table and took out a large polythene bag. We still thought he was taking out his clothes to change but then he turns around and hands me this bag full of banana chips !!! I was speechless because I have never got this kind of quantity before :):). Truly overwhelmed. 

They were making these chips fresh it seems and Jose just bought the entire batch I guess. There were other gifts too besides the chips and it felt like Christmas :).

Santa Jose, I told you I will write about this and it’s important I do because very rarely am I at a complete loss of words. Also, we were a little embarrassed because we couldn’t even get the books that we had planned on gifting you because just the drive from home to your hotel took 2.5 hours. But, I won’t take anything away from the happiness your gifts brought – I love receiving gifts and want you to know that all your gifts were very thoughtful and it was like celebrating Christmas. 

May God bless you with abundance to match your abundant heart. 

Please Note – the chips are the best we have eaten ever. So, I doubt if I will share more than one pack with other friends :):):). 

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