Driving all day …. Reaching nowhere !

We started from Manish’s place at 11 am and were hoping to be home at Hyderabad before 6 easily. At 12.20 we had covered about 70 Kms and heard a “pop” like sound, and thought we must have gone over some cardboard piece… A few minutes later we heard a flapping sound and realised it was coming from our car. We stopped and Krishnan went out to check the tyres – the rear left tyre was FLAT. it was a super-duper puncture !

We tried using the manual inflator and it had no impact, then Krishnan flagged down a passerby and managed to get a puncture shop guy to come by and help. Krishnan rode his bike and they took the tyre with them to the shop only to be told that it looks like a bolt went through and the tyre is nearly cut !! They offered to put a tube in and told us to see if it worked. We managed to drive another 10 kms and realised the wobbling was just as bad. We got air filled at a fuel station, and everything seemed ok, just the tyre pressure was way too high in the punctured tyre… But the wobbling continued even after the tyre pressure was set right. We found another tyre repair shop who figured out gat the tube was punctured and the nozzle was leaking. He suggested we should get the tyre changed. It was already 2.40 pm. 

We took the decision of turning back to Bangalore and getting the tyre fixed. We drove back at a steady 60 kmph speed and managed to reach our regular tyre replacement shop “Shiva enterprises” at RMV 2nd stage, Opp MS Ramaiah hospital. Venkatesh there, told us the “Achilles” tyre that we had recently changed were not very good on Indian roads :(:(. We had been told by Wheels World at Gurgaon that these tyres would last nearly a 100,000 kms and were well protected against punctures !! I did speak to Mandeep Singh and he has agreed to replace them …. But we have lost a whole day in the bargain. Thank God, this didnt happen midway in our journey or at very high speeds. Btw this company Achilles Radial offers a warranty and we were told the tyres would get replaced all over the country …. We are still waiting to get the Bangalore dealers number let alone changing the tyre.

Finally we reached Arun’s house by 5.45 pm and we start tomorrow morning. Vidya gets the credit for the blog title because she said “you have been driving all day long, but have reached nowhere” :):) so true. 

Interesting day ! The pleasures of travelling on Indian roads. 


Poor manual pump could do nothing 🙁


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