Life lessons on a bike – Headwinds and tailwinds :)

Today we are in Coimbatore at my cousin Rohini’s house. Since we reached quite early last afternoon, we were well rested and decided to go for our morning ride. We started at about 5.50 am and got onto the Avinashi Road that just keeps going all the way till Avinashi which is about 50 to 60 kms. This is the main road in Coimbatore and is a six lane highway. As we started our ride, we had tailwinds and were easily cycling at 23 to 25 kmph, so we went beyond the airport and decided to turn after about 12 Kms one way….. reluctantly, because we thought this is flat and easy, we should maybe ride more :):).

We turned since mom and my cousin were going to a temple early and we needed to get back and take the keys. As soon as we turned, wham !! The headwinds hit us like a wall, our speed just dropped to 12 to 13 kmph and it almost seemed like we were climbing. Coimbatore is famous for strong winds and well, we tasted it first hand. Even on a downward slope we had to pedal otherwise the bikes would move like ants :):) or at what Krishnan calls my speed when biking in the hot sun – “existential” speed. 

We stopped on the way back for tea and to take a picture outside the famous PSG tech college and slowly rode back home. 

We learnt a big life lesson today – what seems easy at first, usually is difficult later on. If you are biking and get downhill all the way out, remember you need to climb them all back when you ride back home. Many parents wish that their children never face any difficulty in life but remember, the challenges early on are better because you are young and the challenges can easily be overcome. The early challenges also build a person’s resilience and mental strength. The second half of one’s life is easier always if the first half has been tough – Krishnan and my life is a case in point. We were in a really deep financial hole early in life and had the energy and strength to plough our way out. The second half of our life has become better because of that challenging experience. 

At work too, do the difficult thing first, the easy can be tackled later. In managing your time, do the important things first, there will always be enough time for the countless “Fyi” emails. In exams, write the answers to the difficult questions first, you probably can complete the exam well and in time. 

Life serves up headwinds and tailwinds… When you have headwinds, smile, because it means you just have to take a turn somewhere and you will have tailwinds. When you have tailwinds, smile then too, because you have the chance to warm up well and tackle the headwinds ahead. Anyway, as long as the air goes into your lungs and comes out, be happy – because it means you are alive and anything is possible. 

Smile, it’s Friday, and you are alive. So go ahead and live well. 

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