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Postcards from Madurai

This is the ancient city that Kannagi burnt down because the King wrongly accused her husband Kovalan… It’s steeped in history and yes known for the world famous Meenakshi temple and a food lovers paradise. Murugan Idli shop originated here, the rocket dosa was invented here and what is probably not known to many outside TamilNadu is the export of Jasmine flowers. The Madurai Jasmine flower is famous as Madurai “Malli”. Did you know that the Dior fashion house visits the Madurai flower market each year to get some new ideas to develop new fragrances ! We were there just for two days – June 13 and 14. 

Hotel – Simap Residency, that’s just 100 meters from the Meenakshi Amman temple complex. 

Room – We took the suite which is large and spacious and the hotel is maintained really well. This is definitely recommended. Very conveniently located and has car parking for a couple of cars, but even that is a huge help. Madurai has notoriously congested roads and traffic is a nightmare. 


The decorated bull and elephant being taken around the Meenakshi temple. Lord Shiva is actually preceded by the bull ( Nandi) and elephant :), his personal bodyguards.



The Thiruparankundram lake


The famous Madurai “Malli”


The Srivilliputhur Andal temple on the way to Cutrallam from Madurai. The temple is beautiful and the Gopuram has amazing carving


Stunning views at Sivagiri




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