When something doesn’t happen, something better will happen !!

Yesterday morning, we visited the famous Ramanathar temple at Rameswaram. It is said that Sri Rama, came to this spot after killing Ravana and rescuing Sita, and Sage Agasthya suggested that he worship Lord Siva so that no sin accrues to him due to killing Ravana. Sri Rama asks Hanuman to get him a Siva Linga from Mt. Kailash. Hanuman dutifully flies off to Mt. Kailash to do his master’s bidding, but doesn’t find Lord Shiva there. While he waits there, Sita creates a Siva Linga out of sand as the auspicious hour was about to end. Sage Agasthya suggests to Sri Rama that he must complete the worship using Sita’s sand Siva Linga and not wait for Hanuman to return. So Sri Rama completes his worship and dear Hanuman returns with two Siva Lingas !! Hanuman gets miffed that Sri Rama didn’t wait for him and Sri Rama tells him he had to complete the worship before the auspicious time ran out. Then he asks Hanuman to move the Linga made by Sita and place one of the Lingas he brought …. Here’s the most interesting incident from this story. Hanuman tries to move the Linga made by Sita but is unable to, finally he tries to move it by tying his tail around it and his tail gets cut. Sri Rama then tells him, let the Linga made by Sita remain and you set the Linga brought by you next to it and all devotees will first offer prayers to the Linga brought by you and only after that to the one made by Sita. He also blessed Hanuman and his tail grew back. So at the Ramanathar temple you have one Linga close to Hanuman’s statue at the entrance then Vishwanathar Linga on the right hand side which is the second Linga that Hanuman brought and the main Linga made by Sita is called the Ramalingam. 

Now, we were staying at the Hotel TamilNadu, which is a short walking distance from the temple. So we walked to the temple and on the way found a filter coffee and breakfast spot called “Ambi Iyer”. Once we had offered our prayers at the temple we walked back to this store and had coffee which was really good. Then we asked him about Idli and Pongal, to which he said, just come back in ten minutes and I can serve you, as things are just arriving from the kitchen. So we went to another restaurant called Vasantham which is run by the devasthanam trust… We had the Idli there. While the Idlis were ok, the guy at the counter refused to give any change for the ₹500 note that Krishnan had. So Krishnan had to part with the one ₹100 note and we walked out to see if we could complete our breakfast at “Ambi Iyer”. The person at the entrance there said food was ready, and Krishnan by way of precaution asked him if he had change for ₹500… As that was the only money he had with him at that time. The person at the entrance said, you are the first customer so I have no change, why don’t you come back in 30 minutes ? 

I was disappointed but we decided to walk back to the hotel and eat at the restaurant that’s part of the hotel. I reluctantly walked towards the restaurant because there hadn’t been a change in their menu for two days and I didn’t expect to see a change today. I was in for a surprise !! They had Idiyappams on the menu and with coconut milk – something I just love. I not only over-ate but even got some packed for the road – I was thrilled. 

A great practical lesson was shared with me yesterday, not to mope if you don’t get something, because something better is on its way. If “Ambi Iyer” had the change for ₹500 we would not have come to the restaurant at hotel TamilNadu and while I like Idlis I am more fond of Idiyappams. So anytime you feel something is not working out, fret not, something better is on its way. Even in the story above, Hanuman would not have got the chance to be in the same temple complex where his master had offered prayers if he had just got the Siva Lingas in time, now the Linga brought by him is not only worshipped first, but he sits there happily too. So remember something better is on its way, when what you want doesn’t happen. 

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