Postcards enroute to Hyderabad from Sagar

Date of journey – June 4, 2015

For the first time we managed to leave the hotel at 4.32 am as planned :). We had stayed overnight at Hotel Deepali, Sagar. The route we took to Hyderabad was Sagar-Narsinghpur-Chindwara-Saoner-Nagpur-Adilabad-Medchal-Hyderabad. This was the first time we were trying this route and we were just bowled over … The road is like a dream and the views are stunning. We managed to reach Nagpur by 9.30 am with a few stops even. The total distance is about 900 kms from Sagar to Hyderabad. Here are a few pictures –


Daybreak about 30 kms from Sagar
Yet another pic of the daybreak a few kilometers further

A tiny pond at Partapur where we stopped for tea. this is on the road from Narsinghpur to Chindwara
This is hotel Surya at Partapur. please stop here for great tea and delicious kachoris. Also stop and see how clean the hotel is. The owner is a bit hard of hearing but runs a good hotel.
#IncredibleIndia indeed… this is a view, just a few kilometers from Partapur.
There are ghat sections and forests between Chindwara and Saoner. several viewpoints have also been built and this is at one of them.

The road joins the Betul-Nagpur highway at Saoner and after that it’s a breeze. We left Nagpur at around 10.30 am with a heavy heart as the convenience store at our regular Petrol Pump had not opened and we couldn’t buy the AWESOME Top Tip Bhelpuri. This is a local brand and you just sprinkle water and mix well to get great tasting Bhel. 
The roads compensated for not finding the Bhelpuri, as we found the road to Hyderabad without too much fuss. For a change, I remembered the way from the previous trip and we exited Nagpur in 20 minutes instead of the hour we usually would take. Then the “no road” sections between Hinganghat  and  Adilabad have been repaired. Just the road near the Hinganghat railway station is yet to be repaired. So it was an easy drive. 

Our entry into Hyderabad has also been made really easy since Krishnan found the MD Farm road that brings us to the Thirumalgiri cross roads easily. Reached home happily and  easily. 

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