Man’s search for connectivity 

The modern life cannot be lived without a cellphone connection – preferably 3G and 4G because you need to tweet your position, Whatsapp your lunch, update your mood on Facebook and speak on endless conference calls for work. Imagine if you couldn’t access email or a cellphone loses connectivity … You cannot work !!

Here is our situation today. Krishnan and I work from anywhere and having access to the cellphone and email is critical to our work. We have a call starting with Amit and team in ten minutes and there is no connectivity at our house in Pallikaranai. So here we are sitting in our car near a park and a cell tower closeby so that we can take the call easily :).

 If Viktor Frankl lived in today’s connection-hungry world he probably would have named his famous book “Man’s search for meaning” as “Man’s search for connectivity”. The need is just as profound and if you are unable to connect to a cellphone network it’s hell … Ok, getting onto our conference call. 

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