Samosa and snake !!

During our March trip, we had stopped at this Dhaba just after a toll plaza where the tea was awesome. On our way back somehow we missed it completely. Today also we thought we missed it, when it didn’t appear much after the Gwalior bye-pass.

We saw it just after the Babina toll plaza and so we stopped for chai. Anyone driving from Delhi NCR or Agra or Gwalior to Sagar or Bhopal or Lalitpur please please stop at Mukesh’s Dhaba. The tea is outstanding and the place is absolutely clean. Today we tried the Samosa, Alu Bonda, and the Badusha (balushahi). All three are recommended. The owner is a great example of old style customer service, he remembered us from our last visit !! He must be seeing so many customers everyday, so it felt special to be remembered. 
Today alongwith the Samosa and other snacks, we also got to meet a visiting harmless snake :):). It tried to slither out of the way, but got scared with so many of us around and went right back into its tiny summer home. Apparently this snake comes to the dhaba every year during the summer months. So it’s not just the rich and famous who have summer homes !!. Don’t know what the name of this snake is, it has a head on both ends of its body and apparently six months, it breathes and eats through one side and reverses the other six months. Fascinating. 

Here are the pics of the samosa and snake :):):).


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