Postcards enroute to Sagar, M.P 

The rain God blessed us today too as we started from home. We planned on leaving at 5 but got a little delayed and left at 5.37 am. We got onto the Yamuna Expressway within 40 minutes or so.  


Beautiful morning, rain and sunshine 🙂
A special thanks to Irish whose directions to bye-pass Agra were great. Anyone travelling from Delhi NCR to Bhopal or Sagar via Agra, please follow this route and save nearly 2 hours of going around in Agra :(. The road near the railway gates have also improved. 


#IncredibleIndia 🙂 a regular scene in many places. this was today on the way to Gwalior via the Agra Bye-pass

The road just after Dholpur which goes to Morena has also been patched a bit. I wonder why this stretch hasn’t been fixed for nearly 8 years. 

  This is the Datia palace that is now a heritage hotel. So the route we took was Yamuna Expressway – Mathura exit – Right cut on the old Delhi-Agra highway towards Dholpur- Dholpur- Morena- Dabra (road is bad, but manageable)- Datia- Jhansi – just before Jhansi, take the highway to Lalitpur on the right – on this highway about 7 to 9 kms  take the left towards Lalitpur and Babina-Malthon- Sagar. From the right at Jhansi its a 4-lane highway all the way to Sagar. Just after Babina you have the beautiful Gobindsagar lake.

About 95 kms before Sagar there is a BP Pure for sure Petrol pump. It’s company owned and operated and the fuel quality is guaranteed. 

We reached Sagar by 3.45 pm. As son as you reach Sagar there is no signboard that mentions Sagar. Please ask and figure out. A beautiful sunset at Sagar. Both are panoramic shots –

#IncredibleIndia Indeed 🙂 

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