Soap operas don’t make good governments !

My sympathies for those who voted for a TV channel to become the Delhi Government … And remember I did hope sincerely for Arvind to do well. Here’s my blog the day AAP won Delhi bewitched .. The broom sweeps

Am pasting a picture of my last paragraph again from that blog – 

Well, Arvind obviously doesn’t think this is good advise … The last 3.5 months that the AAP has been in power, it has been like a soap opera, first the drama of Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav, then the fake degree of the law minister … The same guy was involved in the trailer government earlier, the one that ran for 49 days. Then the worst one of a man dying in an AAP rally and the rally continuing. Now, this fight with the Lt. Governor. … I am not a constitutional expert and won’t comment on who is right or wrong. All that I am interpreting here is Arvind is an individual contributor, he just is not a team player at all. And before Arvind’s fans jump on me, I have extensive experience in working with people and building and managing teams – so, my assessment won’t be off here. 

I have had the pleasure of managing someone very similar to Arvind who believed the whole world was black and that everyone was wrong and the only shining beacon of hope was themselves. Well, the person is also very competent but there will never be a team around this person !! Nobody could work with this team member and everyone was wary of the next attack. Very similar reaction to Arvind Kejriwal. It’s very tiring dealing with these folks because they won’t go anywhere, won’t lead you to any goal and won’t let you do it yourself. 

Politics is far far more complex than the corporate world and if you don’t have the ability to get along with strange, difficult, cunning, dumb people, even enemies, don’t be in politics. Also if this alternative experiment fails, the “good” common man will be psyched out of trying politics again and that’s a bigger loss than what Arvind will lose individually. 

I never subscribed to the AAP channel and I anyway don’t watch soap operas, but again, my sympathies for my Delhi brethren …. You reap what you sow, in agriculture… In politics, you get the government you deserve. 

6 thoughts on “Soap operas don’t make good governments !”

  1. Looks like there is too much conspiracy for them not to succeed.. Agree they act like novices.. but seeing the forces act out against them… is sad…

  2. Bindu,
    Even when you wrote the first piece I thought your sympathies with the AAP were misplaced. But I did not want to sound cynical, so I held my peace. It is now clear that Kejri is just another spoilt child who wants to behave like an irresponsible leader of the opposition, when he is in fact in charge of the Govt. Nobody is going to criticise your comments on Kejri….his diversionary tactics will not provide cover for his acts of abdication anymore. He is a deserter and you know how deserters are to be treated in martial law. God, I pray to you to protect Delhi!

      • Standing by the side and commenting/judging is easy. Look at the way they are harassed by the Center.. where they cannot even chose their own administration? Though I am sceptical how this new bunch will perform….. I wish they succeed as we need alternative to the current mainstream foxes.

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