Postcards enroute to Shimla ….

We left Kalpa on the 9th of May and drove to Shimla …. We were certainly sad. Kalpa just captivated us with its beauty. The route we took was, Kalpa-Tapri-Rampur-Sainj-Narkanda-Shilaroo-Fagu-Kufri-Shimla. Shimla was the last stop in our Himachal travels and we got a bonus of reliving old memories from 1998… In April of 1998, we had stayed at the Sports Authority of India’s campus at Shilaroo as part of a Tuff Trak program and had visited Narkanda too. At first we thought the route will only take us through Narkanda, and suddenly we saw Shilaroo too :). Kumar Mani and Priya – your special place !!!!


beautiful tree on the way …


Narkanda !! Centre of the mini market 🙂


Narkanda in the backdrop


In 17 years Narkanda has become more commercial … but still beautiful
Apple trees in full bloom protected under a net.


Shilaru or Shilaroo … athletes train in high altitude at the Sports Authority of India facility here


The SAI facility … the big hall and the large ground 🙂


Rajiv Gandhi here too !! well, the entrance to the facility 🙂

Shimla felt a lot more crowded than all the other places we visited in Himachal, but still so charming !!

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