Jam, dust, heat and clean toilets !!

I love coming to Delhi-NCR …. I still think of it as home and just love the place BUT, after Himachal for a month, it was a very sad trip back home…. While I still smiled as soon as we hit the NH8, but a big part of my heart was still in Himachal.

Hmmmm… So we started around 10 am from Dehradun and as Rajesh’s Mamaji told us, we took the route to Sahranpur-Chutmulpur-Muzzafarnagar-Meerut-Ghaziabad-Delhi-Gurgaon. We reached Chutmulpur without incident and were beginning to relax and the first jam started … We first stood behind the last vehicle and as we saw other vehicles going a little ahead from the left, we tried it too, only to go a kilometer or two before we saw vehicles turning back. This jam seemed never ending and all this took 45 minutes.. Hey Bhagwan ? (Oh God) well, hey Bhagwanpur :):) that’s where the jam was. Glad that we didn’t spend any more time in the jam, we turned and took another route to Sahranpur. Just as turn into the road that leads to Sahranpur (15 kms ahead) there is an Indian Oil Petrol pump. It has a couple of toilets and a place to take bath and our first experience of a clean toilet on the road !!

I am paranoid about using toilets anywhere in India.. I find very few of them on the roadside and most of them till now have been dirty, so I just wait to reach a home or the hotel before using the toilet. I opened the door with trepidation, but it was spotless with the flush in a working condition … Swachh Bharat seems to be working and am glad it is.

From Sahranpur, we didn’t take the Shamli route as the road is supposed to be non-existent. We came via Deoband that gets onto the National Highway near Muzaffar Nagar bypass and reached Haldirams at Kathauli. The food tasted great and I wanted to try the toilet here too emboldened by the petrol pump experience. Well, I was not just pleasantly surprised with the cleanliness but it was an absolute pleasure meeting Rakhi, who cleaned the toilets. The flush system was broken but Rakhi had a jugaad ready and she kept the toilets clean  and DRY. Don’t know who taught her that, because the Indian system of cleaning is to pour a bucket of water and leaving the toilets wet… It works with the Indian toilets but not the western commodes/pot. 

Most importantly, I wish our front office managers can have the bright happy smile that Rakhi has … She is beaming and happy cleaning toilets. I didn’t have my phone with me and missed taking her picture but I wished her, appreciated her wholeheartedly and left a happy tip. 

We were just 30 kms from Delhi…but it took us a long time to reach home because there were interminable jams all along the way. We are finally home …. It’s dusty, the heat is unbearable and the only consolation is we will be off again, but miss Himachal so much. Dalhousie, Khajjiar, Shahpur and Kalpa hold us in a bind :):)

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