Postcards from Kalpa

Note – The Kinner Kailash mountains and the Apple trees in full bloom will take your breath away … So take a few deep breaths before seeing these pictures. This is probably one of the most beautiful places that Krishnan and I have visited anywhere in the world.

Dates in Kalpa – May 6th to May 9th

Hotel – HPTDC property Hotel Kinner Kailash. Again the hotel’s location is almost at an arms length from the stunning Kinner Kailash. We could see the mountain peaks out of our window !! But even better than the views was the warmth of the Hotel’s service. When we said we needed an extra bed for Mom and that she cannot use a mattress on the floor .. One of the staff members Thakur Tej Singh brought his bed and put it in the room. Which other place will you get anyone doing that for an unknown person ?? The boys who brought up the luggage and helped with room service Roshan, Surinder and Arvind were enthusiastic and truly nice. I think the Himachalis need to be spread across the country … They truly are amongst the nicest people in India. The rooms are like everywhere else, large and airy.

Food – it’s a bit of a challenge as the restaurant is not fully equipped and people probably need some training in quick service. They are really sweet, so you won’t ever lose your cool but the food comes slowly. 🙂

Wi-fi – No wi-fi. Airtel and Vodafone 3G are slow.


Views as you drive from Reckong Peo to Kalpa


View from our room


Another view from the room …


Krishnan looking out of the restaurant window …. the Kinner Kailash range :):)


The Yeti feeling at home !!


Apple trees in full bloom line the street and the Kinner Kailash mountains are at a breathing distance !


Its not a painting … its a photograph of a real place 🙂


You can almost feel the cool mountain air …

And now the Panoramic shots … these are getting framed for sure !

This is closer to the hotel



On our way back …


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