Us da dhaba … And a birthday celebration

We had decided yesterday that we will go to this Dhaba that had been written about in a magazine to have choley-Bhature for brunch today. Krishnan and Amma like choley-Bhature and I don’t mind eating it once in a while. We called our newest “auto” friend in Dehradun, Lakshman to take us to the Dhaba. 

The address says Raja Road, Paltan Bazaar, Dehradun. Lakshman knew the place but no vehicles can go in there. All vehicles stop about 300 to 400 metres away near a four road crossing. So we got dropped off there and he told us to go straight and take a left turn and look for a temple. The Dhaba was right next to it. We crossed the four road crossing and went straight and saw a temple on the right, so we asked a shop keeper and he thought we were the temple going kind 🙂 and rattled off a bunch of temples nearby … I broke his enthusiasm and told him we were looking for the “Dhaba” and he told us to take the next left and as we took that left there was a huge temple in the centre. 

There are lanes going on both sides of the temple, take the left lane and just where you have the entrance to the main Hanuman temple on the left is this “nameless” Dhaba that is thronged !! And they make Pooris, choley, Alu subzi and pumpkin subzi. No Bhature. I am not too fond of Pooris either, but since everyone seemed thrilled eating there, I agreed to try. They had me even before I had eaten a morsel with leaf- plates !!! After decades we were getting the chance to eat in leaf plates that are completely boo-degradable. 

The first morsel of Poori got even a non-liked of Poori like me hooked… The only other place that I have relished Pooris as much has been at Varanasi at a road side eatery insisted on (suggested is mild) by Rajeev Shukla. 

Krishnan and Amma were ofcourse thrilled … For once I didn’t have to watch mom to ensure she had eaten. The maths is as follows – ₹60 is a plate of 4 Pooris and unlimited accompaniments. There are no menus and they don’t need it. 

The birthday boy waiting for one more Poori to feel full :):):)

“Us da Dhaba” proves the fact that good food will sell … Name or no name. 

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