Sari Story 5 – my first 50-50 sari

For the 2011 New Year – we went to Varanasi to celebrate. Besides doing an early morning boat ride on the Ganga and gorging on local food/chat we did some Saree shopping at India’s (must read world’s) largest wholesaler of sarees – Valkalam sarees. I was in saree heaven and bought many sarees there. Each one of those sarees is a masterpiece and I will post most of them. I suspect that I have lost one of the classiest black sarees from that collection, which was a chiffon embroidered all over :(. I have the blouse but not the saree…. Hope I get it miraculously. 

This saree is a crepe and I had worn it first for my birthday in 2012. Now there is a trend of half-and-half sarees, basically just the pleats are a different design or half the saree is a different design. This sari was my first half-and-half. The 2012 birthday was also special because Vidya and Anand had flown in from the UK and we all got to spend some time together. Sweetie, hope you remember this sari. This saree is also special because the accessory I wear with it mostly is something that another dear friend Kashiana gifted. So all in all, a very special saree ! 

I wore it the day before when we were driving to Shimla from Kalpa and interestingly met our first NGO partner in the Himachal trip in this sari. 


In the elevator, going to the office
The most stunning background for this sari was ofcourse  at Kalpa… The Kinner Kailash in the background. 

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