Are we willing to give credit?

Of the many unpleasant situations that we face at work, the one that hurts us most is when someone takes credit for the work that we do. And this happens frequently. Whether it is our boss or a colleague, the feeling is one of feeling let down. Also, there are situations when we do a great job but there is no one to appreciate or recognise our contribution. Ultimately this leads to stress, dissatisfaction and disengagement. On the positive side, if the work environment is such that your work is given due recognition and importance, it leads to tremendous motivation and an even better output. 

One of my recent experiences that made me elated with regards to the above subject, is related to our stay at Hotel Grand View, Dalhousie. Sanjeev works with Hotel Grand View and takes care of the guest needs both in the room and also at the restaurant. Sanjeev’s service was exceptional and served with a smile, every single moment of our stay at the hotel. We have some special needs, like our dinner timings that do not fit with the regular restaurant timings. Sanjeev ensured that our dinner was served in the room at our special timings and also ensured we were not charged anything extra for the special service. Sanjeev was there at the reception when we checked out of the hotel to wish us goodbye. 

Bindu and I were so impressed with Sanjeev’s service that we decided to share his outstanding work through our blogs and a post on Trip Advisor. We then shared the details with Mr. Ashish Chadha, owner of the Hotel Grand View. We had met Mr Chadha twice during our stay and found him to very accessible and easy going. He has also empowered his staff to take decisions on the spot when facing customers so that the staff can delight the customers and not wait for the boss’ decision :). 

When Bindu shared her blog related to our stay at the hotel and Sanjeev’s excellent work with Mr Chadha, he responded promptly and positively giving all the credit to Sanjeev and saying that he was an asset to the Hotel. 

In today’s world where most people are eager to take credit even when it’s not due, reading Mr Chadha’s email was definitely heartwarming. Am sharing below portions of Mr Chadha’s email and Bindu’s blog related to Sanjeev’s work. 

Here is a man who is willing to give the credit where it is due. The question is are we willing to?

Bindu’s blog – Grand views.. Grander service


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