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Postcards from Shahpur

Finally we got to stay a few days at home …. Not a hotel. On April 23rd we left Mandi to go to Shahpur near Dharmshala where Shama aunty’s house is. It’s really Shama aunty’s house and she deserves an award for getting it built singlehandedly … My sunshine friend Amit’s only contribution has been making friends with the next door neighbour Bindu :):) and staying out of his mom’s hair. The house is beautiful, more a temple to Saibaba and Shama aunty’s unadulterated love for people and the views are just stunning … Here are some pictures of the way from Mandi to Shahpur and from the house. The route we took was Mandi – Drang – Padhar – Joginder Nagar – Baijnath – Palampur – Kangra airport – Shahpur. The world’s second best place for paragliding is at Bir-Billing which is very close to Joginder Nagar. Also at Palampur take the bypass to Dharmshala via the Horticulture university … The Palampur market is super crowded always.


This is just before Palampur and we stopped to buy Kurkure and some soft drinks.


Just as we were turning downhill at Palampur. dont miss the fluffy white clouds and the pir panjal mountain range in the distance !


Another side from the same spot as above


View from Shama aunty’s house … our workplace for three days :):)


The pir panjal range is visible from Shama aunty’s place too …


can you see the snow covered peaks in the background ?


Some more of the peaks


“Gori” Bindu’s house :):)


Are you feeling the same way that we did ? To just work from this place ? We have fallen in love with Himachal … Just wait for the postcards from Dalhousie and Khajjiar – the scenery just takes your breath away.


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  1. Its amazing.. I have been reading your postcards and seems like I am moving with you all over the places you are visiting.

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