Catch them young 

Dear ModiJi, I will be writing to you every week on issues that I think are important and need your attention. I believe that someday you will get to read them, until then, I hope they serve the readers of my blog as a platform to have a sane discussion. Unfortunately, the “paid” media is … Read more Catch them young 


Happy Independence Day !!

There is a beautiful story of the Buddha. He went to meet his father after he became the Buddha and his father thought his son had come home… but Buddha told him, “your son Siddharth is dead, I am not your son.” His father got really angry and shouted at the Buddha “how can you … Read more Happy Independence Day !!

Postcards from Shimla

Dates in Shimla – May 9 to 13 Hotel – HPTDC’s flagship property Hotel Peterhof. This is a HUGE hotel and very historic. Nathuram Godse was tried and sentenced at this location because it was the high court then. Several viceroys have stayed here, it was the Governor’s residence after Himachal was carved out as … Read more Postcards from Shimla

Soap operas don’t make good governments !

My sympathies for those who voted for a TV channel to become the Delhi Government … And remember I did hope sincerely for Arvind to do well. Here’s my blog the day AAP won Delhi bewitched .. The broom sweeps Am pasting a picture of my last paragraph again from that blog –     Well, Arvind … Read more Soap operas don’t make good governments !

I won’t eat this curd … 

Dear Appa, Yesterday I made the mistake of using up all the curds that Amma had made for Lassi in the afternoon, but I was planning on buying more curd today and stock up. You remember the Vyapar Kendra Mother Dairy milk booth ? It’s atleast 1.5 kms away. Amma told me she was going … Read more I won’t eat this curd … 

Jam, dust, heat and clean toilets !!

I love coming to Delhi-NCR …. I still think of it as home and just love the place BUT, after Himachal for a month, it was a very sad trip back home…. While I still smiled as soon as we hit the NH8, but a big part of my heart was still in Himachal. Hmmmm… … Read more Jam, dust, heat and clean toilets !!

Postcards enroute to Shimla ….

We left Kalpa on the 9th of May and drove to Shimla …. We were certainly sad. Kalpa just captivated us with its beauty. The route we took was, Kalpa-Tapri-Rampur-Sainj-Narkanda-Shilaroo-Fagu-Kufri-Shimla. Shimla was the last stop in our Himachal travels and we got a bonus of reliving old memories from 1998… In April of 1998, we … Read more Postcards enroute to Shimla ….

Postcards from Kalpa

Note – The Kinner Kailash mountains and the Apple trees in full bloom will take your breath away … So take a few deep breaths before seeing these pictures. This is probably one of the most beautiful places that Krishnan and I have visited anywhere in the world. Dates in Kalpa – May 6th to … Read more Postcards from Kalpa

Us da dhaba … And a birthday celebration

We had decided yesterday that we will go to this Dhaba that had been written about in a magazine to have choley-Bhature for brunch today. Krishnan and Amma like choley-Bhature and I don’t mind eating it once in a while. We called our newest “auto” friend in Dehradun, Lakshman to take us to the Dhaba.  … Read more Us da dhaba … And a birthday celebration