Pizzas after 15 months !

We had just stopped eating pizzas in March 2014 when we realised that we were ordering from Domino’s almost every week. And then we came to Manali last year in May and ate a thin crust pizza at an Italian restaurant there. 

Today we are at Mcleodganj, one of our favorite destinations for holidays. We had stayed here last in May of 2006 with Nachi, Dhanush, Kousalya and Amma. We had discovered a pizzeria then called “The family pizzeria” which had been mentioned in an article in Outlook Traveller. We had taken a taxi and reached the pizzeria and between the five of us then we probably polished off 7 or 8 pizzas. We even got a tour of the wood fired oven which was like a room. 

Today we reached Mcleodganj at about 11 and found a huge parking lot where the old taxi stand was. Glad to find parking, we immediately parked the car and took a taxi to reach Dharmkot which is about 2 Kms away and where the pizzeria is located. The taxi dropped us off about half a kilometre away and pointed out the pizzeria which appeared to be on the opposite hill. We took the narrow walking lane and started off and the way was unrecognisable !!! There were shops selling every conceivable product, yoga studios, a German bakery  and several pizzerias. We finally managed to reach The Family Pizzeria which has also changed considerably. For nostalgic value the tables and chairs haven’t been changed :):).

The pizzas tasted just as good but Krishnan and I couldn’t eat many.. Still ate three pizzas with Mom helping with half a pizza. These aren’t very huge ones .. They are probably 9″ pizzas and the cheese is not lathered on. It’s almost like eating our good old Parantha with just the base covered. 


View on the way to the pizzeria
beautiful … a little overcast but just scenic all the same

waiting for the pizzas … the same old tables


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