Postcards from Mandi

Dates we were in Mandi – April 19 to 23

Hotel – Visco Resorts, 3 Kms before the Mandi bus stand.

Rooms – One word for the resort – “stunning”. We stayed in the family suite which is basically two rooms with attached bathrooms and a large balcony. The resort is located in a scenic place with the river at the back and the service folks are just awesome. Even though all the rooms were full the day we checked in due to a wedding, we never had to wait for the food or room cleaning services. Visco Resorts is definitely recommended for stay. Just don’t be scared of small spiders that appear every now and then – it’s set amidst trees and shrubs, they come with the territory. There are also a few monkeys around but they don’t come near the rooms.

Food – a must eat is the “pahari kofta”, Krishnan and I ate it all and just gave mom a spoonful :):). The vegetable and onion pakoras are also very good.

Wi-Fi – Airtel 3g works really well and is superfast. The Visco Resorts wi-fi also works well, when it does. It’s a little inconsistent but much better than having no wi-fi.


On the way to Mandi there is a vegetable and fruit wholesale market. Its on the other side of the river.


Buying fruits and vegtables from a regular store. These two shops are in the lane that goes straight from the chowki near the bridge.


This junkyard is just 700 mtrs from Visco Resorts on the left.


dont know how the bus got here .. but it did and it cant go anywhere !


Mom sitting with her favorite flowers – huge beautiful roses :). It took effort to stop her from plucking them. This is a govt. nursery.


View from the bridge before crossing it


View after crossing the bridge


Visco Resorts early in the morning as the fog is just lifting ..


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