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Sari Story 2 – Fuchsia Pink and classy Satya Paul 

Yesterday I wore this bright fuchsia pink silk sari… And Nisha, your re-creation as the neck piece 🙂


This is a jute mixed Kanchipuram silk sari that I bought at RmKV, Bangalore. The minute I saw the “Pallu” in black, I was sold :). The speciality of the Kanchipuram silk sari is, it can be worn at any time of the year. It’s warm in winters and cool in summers. There is a trend to mix silk with polyester which is just terrible …doesn’t work for me at all. Also I look for hand woven silk rather than the machine loomed one. The silk made on a machine is crinkly like paper and I don’t enjoy wearing it much. 

I wore this sari first for our anniversary in Sept 2014… And it will always remind me of Angkor Wat, Cambodia. We went early in the morning to see the Angkor Wat as the Sun rose, and it was surreal. Here are a couple of pictures from that day. 



Today, for my last day at Aon Hewitt I wore a ten year old Satya Paul … A beautiful single color crepe with a hand painted flower on the “Pallu”. The story associated with this sari is, I had worn it during one of the gala dinners at ISB where we met the next batch of PGPMAX….and today they are done with the program and will graduate in April. Time flies ? 🙂


Infact Renuka added to this story today by letting me know that she has the same sari, just in black. :):)


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