Sari story 1 – The T.shirt blouse

I am a sari addict … Happy to wear one for every occasion. And anyway since 1990 I wear a sari to work almost everyday. The only break was during my stint with Pizza Corner as I had to wear the uniform… And a few days in Spectramind, I have gone wearing something other than a sari. 

Just a couple of days back Shalini had posted this link on facebook. The 100 saree pact. I loved the concept so am shamelessly copying it and will post stories about some of the sarees I wear …. There is a story attached to each one and many memories too. 

Today’s sari was bought in Kumaran Stores, Chennai in 2010. It’s a chiffon saree. Today I wore it with a T.shirt as the blouse and this post is for Bala Sathish because she told me that she has worn a saree with a shirt during her Girl Scout days :):). I wore this saree during the first term of my PGPMAX program at ISB and I had teamed it with an accessory bought from The Junk India. During the first term, my picture had come on the front page of all editions of Times of India as part of the PGPMAX advertisement. So special memories indeed. 

Today’s picture with the T.Shirt blouse –


The picture from our Term 1 at ISB, with Vandana 🙂



4 thoughts on “Sari story 1 – The T.shirt blouse”

  1. I remember once wearing a saree to college… Over my jeans and sneakers…. Junta was seriously confused as to how I was striding around the campus as usual… Almost like i would wearing jeans

  2. Hi Bindu, I am a big fan of your blogs. I started following them few months back and it seems now that my day goes incomplete without reading your blog. I feel so connected with you ……as I have been a diligent reader of your blogs:) Just wanted to say that reading you is just great. Thanks!


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