And the battery died !!

We woke up at 5 am just so that we could leave Agra early and give all the traffic a miss … But that was not to be. Last evening as we were loading the bags in the car, I connected the fridge to the charging point. I presumed that since the fridge was switched off nothing would happen but it drained the battery. So all our well laid plans had to be redrafted. 

First the little pup wouldn’t let go of me … He wanted to play and I had my hands full of bags :). Krishnan tried starting the car and it wouldn’t and the pup wouldn’t leave me alone. I was scared that the little thing would come under a bag or the car. So we woke up Nazeem who tried holding the pup while we put things in and tried starting the car again. Didn’t work. In the meantime Ghanshyam came as planned. We had asked him to show us the way to the highway so that we didn’t get lost within Agra trying to find the way out. He and Krishnan along with the security guard at The Coral Tree pushed the car back and I tried starting it .. No go. 

We knew it was the battery since the symptoms were similar to when it had happened before at the Sahara Mall. The only surprise was its dying out when it was fairly new. Anyway, we tried calling the Skoda road side assistance and since we hadn’t renewed if he explained the procedure to me and just got me riled up. I am yet to find any car company making it easy for the customer. I was angry that the roadside assistance policy is to send a technician if we have paid the 3000 odd bucks to Skoda otherwise they will tow the vehicle to the workshop – I tried explaining to the guy who picked up the phone that we were enroute to Bhopal and it was just the battery that had died out. He once again threw policy and authorisation at me … And that’s like waving a red rag at a raging bull. I just said as much and disconnected the phone. 

Then the driver at the Homestay went and got a battery mechanic who quickly fired up the battery and the Yeti came back to life. He charged us ₹ 200 and we were on our way :). We started around 8.15 instead of 6.30 as we had originally planned but the drive was great and we have reached Bhopal safely. 

Never again will I connect the fridge when the vehicle is not running !!! :):)

2 thoughts on “And the battery died !!”

  1. How cool that you have a fridge in the car. Me pauper. Must learn how he other half live. 😀


    • You spend on other things my friend. :):) The fridge is a piddly little thing but very cute. Sits on the middle seat at the back row. Will show it to you when am back and you would know am in the same side as you. :):):)


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