Suicide bomber … Age ? 10 – yes TEN YEAR OLD :(:(

I didn’t write anything when the Charlie Hebdo attack happened. Yes it was gruesome, it was an attack on freedom of expression and getting killed because of a cartoon is terrible. But it happens all the time …. Freedom of expression can be argued both ways. Freedom of expression that hurts someone’s sentiments, religious or otherwise, can be questioned. Arguments and debates are a good way to solve these issues not picking up the gun. But again, the age of intolerance is here. If we don’t like something, we don’t wait to hear another’s viewpoint, we just kill.

The debate on religion and fanaticism is getting out of hand. But remember, we have brought this on ourselves. The millions who marched on the streets of Paris in rememberance and homage to Charlie Hebdo should remember, every one of us is responsible. We gave birth to these intolerant children, we encouraged their intolerant behaviour as they grew up and now we cry when they kill out of intolerance. :(:(

My master Osho said the right thing – there should be as many religions as there are people in the world because it is an individual’s choice. In his discourse on The Dhammapada he is asked by a disciple as to why there are so many religions in the world and he answers in his classic style, saying these are too few. Everyone must have their own religion !!. Here are two quotes from two of his talks – it explains the reason we fight over religion.



Why am I writing a blog now after the many things that have been said about Charlie Hebdo ? Because yesterday I heard on the “horror” news trail that the Boko Haram in Nigeria has used a 10 year old girl as a suicide bomber and 20 people were killed in a marketplace. 10-year olds shouldn’t know the word suicide :(:(. How can a 10-year old be asked to blow himself or herself up ?? It was unimaginable when the LTTE introduced the world to suicide bombers, but a 10-year old ?

Btw, while we were coming to terms with the Charlie Hebdo killings, 2000 people have been killed in the same time period in Nigeria. 2000 lives lost, and a 10-year old suicide bomber – just staggering. Why ? Because we don’t agree with your religious leanings. There is no proof that any God is superior and an iota of intelligence will tell you that you can’t have several Gods who are playing a game of greatness amongst themselves. Idiotic human beings play these games, yes idiots. Any God if he/she exists will be at the very least supremely intelligent – not callous and idiotic like the human beings who used a 10 year old as a suicide bomber.

Then you have the Bodo militant attack…The news of killing doesn’t stop.

I feel sick in a very sick world. Can we bring up children without forcing religion down their tender throats ? And can businessmen who masquerade as terrorists find other means of earning money ? I am shutting you out of my life. I belong to a religion called love and the only ritual I follow is care for my fellow beings. This religion will finish you guys off and never again let you be born. Enough.

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