Make it small

Everyone seems to have taken the advert for the liquor brand Seagrams Royal Stag seriously – “It’s your life, make it large”. Everything has gotten larger, portion sizes, plate sizes, shirt sizes, dress sizes and consequently the number of lifestyle diseases !

During my weight-loss program at the Sivananda yoga centre in Gurgaon, Arun, the yogacharya, actually brought different sized plates and it was obvious why we have an obesity issue, our plate sizes have gone up significantly and consequently we eat a lot more than what we need :(. Here’s an info graphic about the rise in India’s obesity percentage ..


It’s really worrying that children are obese because they will grow up with many of the lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and all the demographic dividend that we are celebrating now, will be wiped off.

Here is one more picture about the change in portion sizes in the US and all these brands are now in India and doing exactly the same thing. US has a huge obesity problem and India is aping the American eating habits and competing in the space of obesity too. Just the change in the burger and cola sizes is enough to cause trouble.


The smaller size is what was peddled 20 years back and is still the portion size in Europe, the larger size is obviously the American size and the Indian size now. We no longer get the 200 ml Coke/Pepsi bottle :(. It’s your life, make it large, larger waistlines, larger problems !

Since the past two months, we have shifted to a smaller plate and the results are great. Not just have we lost weight but we eat much lesser and feel full. The other change we have made is to eat only home cooked food. Except for 6 days we haven’t eaten restaurant food at all. Four days out of the 6 we ate out because we were in Goa. Hey, nothing wrong in eating out, but without being aware of it, we eat out more often than necessary and the kilos pile on because you cannot control the portion sizes.

This is not about starving, but eating just enough. The French eat everything, but in tiny portions and on smaller plates. They don’t even have a gymnasium anywhere in France, I think a gym had to shut shop because they didn’t get enough customers. Look at the downstream impact of “make it large” … Spend on doctors, spend on gyms or health clubs, spend on new bigger clothes, and get depressed.

Make it small, leave a smaller footprint, be a smaller burden on Mother Earth, eat less, drink less, and stay healthy. With the money you save, help someone to live a better life. Imagine, if you eat just enough, how much more food will be available for those who are starving. By making your portions and plates larger, you are actually depriving another person of their food.

So it’s your plate, your weight, your life… Make it small. Live long and live healthy.

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