Fix the root cause !

Today’s science says the only way to get your teeth clean and have great smelling breath is to brush-floss-rinse with mouthwash preferably with a certain company’s brand … And then you will have no germ buildup. Continue eating all the junk you can lay your hands on and think all the junk thoughts, just use this particular brand of toothpaste and that particular brand of toothbrush and the third brand of mouthwash and you will be fine. If that sewer-smelling burp still doesn’t die down, then chew this brand of chewing gum and suddenly everyone will want to kiss you :):):)

We are really a strange race, intelligent and stupid at the same instant. We keep attacking the symptoms and never bother to fix the underlying root cause !! We extend this exact same behaviour at work, in our relationships and every facet of life.

For the past two and half months, we have stopped eating after sundown, thanks to Sivananda Yoga classes and Arun, our yogacharya’s direction. So usually we stop eating at 6.30 pm. We wake up feeling fresher, and our breath smells sweet even before brushing our teeth. Neither Krishnan, nor I or mom have had a bad breath issue, and eating the way Dr. Vijaya Venkat has prescribed for the past 5 years we haven’t had upset stomachs either which could lead to bad breath, but just not eating after sundown has made such a huge difference.

The psychosomatic reason for bad breath is anger, rotten attitude, vile gossip, and foul thinking according to Louise Hay. Work on the underlying reasons – get your attitude straightened out, eat right, give your digestive system a break – and use any brush, any toothpaste and just clean your teeth, you will have sweet smelling breath and you won’t exhale a sewer with every breath 🙁

The other funny thing is face wash – for a long time I foolishly bought face wash separately and used a different soap for bathing. I just stopped doing that in the last six months or so. My face looks just as good and nothing has happened to it. Use a good quality soap or just use home remedies like “besan” and it’s fine. Again, doing Kapalabhati and my favorite Sarvangasana has done more for my face than any “face wash”.

Stop treating the symptoms, fix the root cause. Just a little bit of awareness is all you need, both in your personal life and at work. We go to great lengths at work to do “root cause analysis” … But never think of applying the same concept to life.

Think, get more aware and fix the root cause, don’t waste time on the symptoms only. That toothpaste brand is trying to sell and that face wash brand is trying to become number one …. Neither will solve your problem, they will just make those companies richer. Think of cigarette manufacturers, you pay with your life for making them richer and infact you pay not just with your life, but also borrow minutes and hours from those around you and donate. Again, fix the depression, sorrow, loss, peer pressure or whatever the hell makes you reach for that cigarette and don’t solve for the symptom, fix the root cause.

Right ?

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