PGPMAX 2013 Reunion day !

We planned our first reunion in Goa and it started today… Interestingly for me, it started at home when Narayanan came home for breakfast. Courtesy a delayed flight we couldn’t spend a lot of time but we atleast we managed to bring each other upto date. The one thing we couldn’t do was recreate the “Illayaraja” songs evening, since it was morning technically :):):) and we didn’t have Arun, Antony and Siva for company !!

The expensive flight to Goa was uneventful and I came back to Goa after 36 years …. Seems really strange. Somehow Goa was never on our list of vacation spots. Am glad the reunion was here because Goa is so beautiful and green. I didn’t expect the greenery and it’s just beautiful. As we landed around 5 and it took nearly two hours to reach Fort Aguada, we couldn’t see the sea much. That’s tomorrow.

It was great to catch up with everyone … It felt like the gala dinner. With an average of 17 years of work experience none of us are school kids, but the minute all of us get together we regress in age and progress in experience. We nearly thought Mano and Naomi were expecting their third child, but Mano toasted his niece’s arrival. Bipeen and I had a detailed conversation about the Modi Sarkar. Plans for my “Ma Bindu” avatar were initiated … Atleast I know Raman is not part of the PR team and Manoj is. Who wants PR that starts by calling potential “Bhakts” as victims … Raman needs a session. Antony doesn’t have time to stop by in Gurgaon but manages to reach early for the reunion. Some last minute ditchers like Gaurav, Mishrajee, Vidur and JK need special classes. Original ditchers like Arun, Feroze, Anir, Akash, and a few others need extra classes on why these reunions are important for them to attend in person and not over Whatsapp … Location/job change cases will be pardoned for this year only – Mehraj, Archita, please note. Out-of-country folks like Wong, Sajive. DP and all – please try and make it next year. Missed having you folks here.

Now to spend Bhat’s money tomorrow …. That requires some planning and forethought and some sleep. Great to meet everyone and more fun tomorrow :):)

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