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I got this picture on Whatsapp as a forward and it’s important to share it widely.


I have been deeply disturbed after watching Satyamev Jayate’s last episode yesterday. The first case he brought up where a father lost his son to road rage was just too disturbing. Am unable to come to terms with the incident – Just for having nicked a bike accidently, a father urges his son to hit this boy, so badly that he dies ! Are we really living amongst human beings ? And how can a father do this ? And the mother is laughing when her murderous son is brought to court. I feel like crying, just thinking about it.

Everyone has to die and will die anyway, but to go out on an errand and accidentally have your bike/scooter touch another person’s bike and get killed in the process is unacceptable. Road rage ? No, many of us are raising monsters. These parents certainly are, because the father was with his son and he says “do whatever you feel like, nothing will happen to you”. That’s a monster speaking, not a father.

We have stooped low enough to take care of “things” like our cellphones, bikes, iPads, etc etc, but we don’t care enough for a “life” .. Either ours or another’s. Can we teach the value of life to our children and to ourselves ?

This ambulance experiment will hopefully rekindle the human feelings inside some of the monsters …. And reinforce the value of a life. Don’t focus on the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors or any other useless “thing” … Get the message and save a life.

The Ambulance experiment.

Road rage, not using a helmet, not letting an ambulance pass … Every one of these is an act of an inhuman being, because this being either kills someone else or him/herself. Please value life, be human.

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