Frown to smile – one deep breath

I wanted to go out for a ride with PYs in the morning and set the alarm as always for 5 am. I usually wake up without the alarm even and thought I will have sufficient time to get up and go for the ride. I woke up at 6.20 :):):) and yes was super irritated with myself !! I snapped at mom, telling her am mad (she knows it) and then sat down to have tea with a grumpy face. Well my friends and long time colleagues are probably chuckling right now saying “what’s new”.. My short fuse is well known.

Krishnan then offered to ride with me till my yoga class and my mood improved a bit. Then I realised that the yoga class time was 7.30 and by the time we get back it will be 8.30+ and the traffic will drive me up the wall especially if Krishnan is with me because I have this belief that he tries to manage traffic and teach people how to drive correctly while being on the cycle :):):). So I told him I will drive down to the yoga class and all the way there I kept a grumpy face.

I went in and the class started with prayers and “Kapalabhati” … The frown turned on its own into a smile and all the grumpiness went away. Just the first deep breath !! Sure, the yogasanas during the class help too but the right breathing can have such a tremendous impact.

When there wasn’t yoga in my life, I would try and change the scene everytime I got irritated, and it helped in changing my mood back to normal. Am sure everyday we are exposed to many situations that irritate us, depress us, make us feel terrible – change your breathing, just start focussing on the breath and take a couple of deep breaths and maybe just go for a walk, change the scene and you will feel better.

This poster came up on Facebook today and aptly shared by a yogini Superna. I found it so apt and wanted to share it further with everyone.


If your self talk is irritation, self doubt, depression, “nothing’s good” … Expect just that from the Universe. Change the scene, change your self talk and the Universe will get you just that. One deep breath does it !

Whatever you are doing, stop, take a deep breath, another one, now. .. Feel better ?

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