Yoga and cycling

Finally we did join the Pedal Yatris today morning for a short ride. We got the bikes ready last night, the lights charged and woke up early enough, to join the ride. So many memories came back as we reached TP1… And then I called Rajesh because no one had reached, who told us to go to TP2 where some folks had gathered.

I expected some discomfort as we were getting back on the saddle after a really long time. While we had been riding short 10, 15 Kms rides but for nearly three months we haven’t been on the bike. The most surprising thing was both of us could ride well enough, not snail’s pace and definitely not supersonic but a healthy pace. Krishnan has swimming to thank for this and I have yoga to thank for it.

Yoga has helped me get over my knee pain and improved my stamina. So all those out there who underestimate the power of yoga, think again. Yes the long walks helped and eating right helped, but yoga helped in ways that I cannot describe fully. I managed to go do my yoga class after the ride and it felt nice.

Loved the feeling of being back on the saddle… Hope the jinx is broken once and for all and we can soon go back to being “paagal yatris” as my mother named us.

P.s missed chai with Anand and ofcourse missed you Manish. I wasn’t well lit by your standards :):):):)

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