Random memories

Dear Appa,

Yesterday we were remembering you .. Amma made the Deepawali Marunthu using the powder that you had made so many years back. It has turned out to be yum as always, just without the dollops of ghee that Amma used earlier :). She is miffed about it but it’s ok, she has adjusted to making these without ghee now. We were talking earlier today on how you bought each item, dry roasted them and then got them ground to a fine powder. You loved to do these things .. I miss the way you would cut the vegetables, all of the same size. Nobody has that patience 🙂

The season of Pomegranates is here and all three of us sit around to remove the pearls from the fruit, the way you would do. Everytime you visited us, I would get to eat pomegranate at work and Amma would admonish you if you popped a pearl or two in your mouth. I haven’t taken pomegranate to work ever since you passed on …

Appa, today we went and bought a Pure-it water filter. Realised during the yoga classes that the RO system actually makes the water acidic besides removing all trace minerals. There is such misinformation about health and hygiene that people end up spending money for all the wrong stuff and fall sick !! The RO system is so expensive and almost wastes double the water that it purifies. Sad.

Krishnan and I were talking yesterday about how we got new clothes only during Diwali every year. Today people buy clothes right through the year … The whole charm of getting new clothes has worn off. You never liked wasting money on clothes and we are slowly realising that. I had stopped buying sarees for a couple of years till last year. I bought some sarees at Bangalore and now again I don’t intend to buy for another two years. Actually it’s made me feel better !!

I was remembering the Diwalis we celebrated in Dehu Road … The preparations, how you would string the zero watt tiny bulbs all over and hang the small crackers on the verandah. I just lit candles yesterday and we wore new clothes in the evening. Except for the “Marunthu” everything was different. Times have changed and there isn’t much patience with rituals.

Have put an extra grill door so Amma can see who it is before opening the door … She is fine and the dust allergy has finally left. She is back to her walking and normal schedule. She even went a whole ten days without making her favorite potato ! She wore her favorite green color yesterday, a new sari that Chami Chitappa’s daughter sent to her.

All good dad… Just wish you were here. Somedays I just miss you more.


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  1. madam,
    I appreciate your love for your father and remember only the good things.Do you mean to say that we should not use RO water hereafter.Pl clarify how to have good drinking water.We live only on memories.They give strength and energy.Thanks for giving good articles

    • Mr. Jana, apparently the RO water robs the water of trace minerals that are health giving and turns the water acidic. There is an easy test with litmus paper to figure out if the water is acidic, maybe try that and it should help. We have shifted to a “Pure-it” water filter and feel just as safe. More importantly, the water that’s wasted in the RO system is also conserved !


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