An eon stretches between
What is and what could have been,
An era stretches between
What should have been said and what was
A whole lifetime stretches between
Silence and the first word
All the love in the world stretches between
A baby and mother looking into each other’s eyes
All the pain in the world stretches between
The moment a father lights his son’s pyre and dust returns to dust
All the joy in the world stretches between
Losing what you love and getting it back

Life is what happens between one moment to the other
It’s that look across the table,
It’s the brief tight hug and
It’s holding the little fingers as you stroll
It’s finding a shoulder to rest your head
It’s finding a breath coming and going beside you
It’s the little note of thank you
It’s knowing you won’t be refused
It’s the moment you give and
It’s the moment you receive
It’s the sting of a slap
It’s the sound of a clap ….

Truth is in the moment
Life is in the moment
Love is in the moment
Joy is in the moment
The sadness was
The pain will be
The promotion maybe
The weight should be
This moment is lost
Between was and will
The moment is lost
Between may and should

Where are you, this moment ?

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