A month of “home cooked” food

I joined the “weight loss” program of the Sivananda Yoga centre in Gurgaon on Sept 20th. While I know everything about losing weight, but I know nothing about sustaining the weight loss :):). And I have always been a fan of Yoga because it’s a system that’s thousands of years old and just by that token can’t be wrong.

There were many things we learnt through the four weeks about losing the weight and keeping it off. Small changes that have made me four kilos lighter and several inches smaller and many others have lost more weight and many health conditions got reversed. One of the interesting changes that Arun, our Yoga guru told us, is to stick to home cooked food during these four weeks. Except for one day that we met with a friend, and I ended up having soup and a couple of momos at a restaurant, I haven’t eaten any “outside” food. … It has been a tough dictum to follow. There are client meetings, there are parties and there is travel … How do you manage ?

I have always carried food from home everyday, so I thought it should be easy, but realised there were so many opportunities to eat out :). I counted atleast two opportunities every work week and anyway everyone eats out on the weekend – so four days out of a week you have the opportunity. Besides the money that’s spent, you have no control over the quantity of food, the amounts of oil used or the freshness of the food. It takes a little planning to carry “home cooked” food, but it’s easy once you get used to it.

Remember your childhood … Especially those whose childhood was 30 to 35 years back. Eating out was a “treat” once in six months maybe, mostly once a year. For me, it was only ice cream treat at Pune, once in two or three months and that’s it. The first time I ate some outside food was in Hyderabad when I was 15. Guess what, eating out is probably the single big reason for how big we have become – it’s easy, it tastes good and we all have loads of money …. So don’t be surprised with what happens to the scales, loads of kilos. Stop for a minute and think about the downstream impact of eating out – weight gain, new clothes because the old ones don’t fit, weight relates health issues, doctor fees, increasing expenses…. And yeah you feel terrible.

Sure, I can tell you everything else about the program, but this is not a “DIY” project. So get to the yoga centre and get help to develop new habits and not just get healthy, but stay healthy. The website is Yoga shows the way. Arun and the teachers really show the way using Yoga … Thanks to Kannika for reminding me about the centre. I was amongst the first few people to join the Sivananda yoga centre when they setup the first centre nearly ten years back. I wish I had stuck around, but it’s ok, lessons and teachers appear when you really need them. Now I am sticking around :).

Thanks Arun.

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