There’s a spring in my step !

Just the week before, I had moved to this office and into Geojo’s cabin. His things are still here and he has threatened me that he will come everyday and take one thing from here and take pleasure in bugging me :). He also told me that he will get the name changed on the door to which I said, it didn’t matter really and he could leave his name up there. I felt great sitting in Geojo’s cabin because it reminded me of his growth in the organization from the days when I hired him and anyway I am not fussed about name plates and seats. But yesterday when I walked into the office I saw my name plate had been put up ….

I thought to myself “not bad, Geojo managed to get this done so quickly !! He hasn’t lost his touch.” As I logged in I saw Shiv knock and pop his head in, so I said hello and he asks me “did you see your name plate ?” I said yes I did. To that he says “I got it put up. This is the old name plate that was on your cabin two years back. When you moved to Bangalore I had taken it and kept it safely because I knew you will be back here and I wanted to put this up then.” I was touched. By way of context, Shiv is part of the facilities team and I have called him only when I couldn’t find parking … And I have attended a few felicitation sessions that the facilities team conducted for their cleaning team and the pantry boys. Yes, I did buy everyone a round of ice-creams during one of the summer months, long back.. And that’s all. I don’t have any influence over his appraisal or his merit increase. I really don’t matter in his world. Btw Shiv is the person who told Syed when I had moved to Bangalore that he should take care of me :):):).

Yesterday happened to be my 11th anniversary with Aon Hewitt and this incident put a spring in my step as much as the wishes from everyone did. Felt good to know that someone whose work life I do not influence in anyway has such affection and regard for me. And it also reinforced another hypothesis of mine – treat the people who aren’t in the leadership stratosphere with respect and affection … They are the true doers. The returns are this kind of affection and regard.

Thank you Shiv for making my 11th anniversary special and unknowingly.

6 thoughts on “There’s a spring in my step !”

  1. Little things matter 🙂

    Many congratulations, Bindu on completing eleven years with Aon and helping so many ppl around you grow

  2. Hi Bindu .. Its not just Shiv , but lot others like me who have respect and regard for you because you are such a warm person, with a smile which is contagious . You are an amazing person and I am glad that I had the good fortune to meet you . Happy Anniversary at Aon .. Many more to come !!!

    Regards ,

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  3. Many congratulations Bindu!! You have been an inspiration to many, including me and I’m sure you have touched many lives. This is what probably makes you who you truly are today!!



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