Inhale … Exhale

I inhale,
I love, I hate, I cry, I laugh
I drive and jump the lights
I cry and lose unfairly
I grow higher and around
I yell and break off a relationship
I hug and make up a lost friendship
I write a poem, a story, an exclusive
I get slapped and I shovel mud over a dead one
I step into a different river
I win a lottery, I lose my job, I get soaked in the rain
I get promoted and I love my boss
I study and earn a degree
I criticize, praise, be non-commital,
I become a fan, I switch one on
I eat, I pray, I dance, I cajole and command
I exhale…

I inhale
The lights go off
The brain shuts down
The blood stops flowing
The heart stops breathing
The hands don’t move
The eyes don’t see
The hatred doesn’t touch me
The love doesn’t reach me
The rain doesn’t make me dance
The song is unheard
The money is a safe in a vault
The hunger pangs are no more
The prayers don’t ring a bell
The smells don’t worry me
The worries are immaterial
I don’t exhale …..

Inhale, Exhale and life is
Don’t Inhale or don’t exhale,
And life isn’t !!

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