The lost soul

He was a star
Feted and loved
Dependable and a man of integrity,
Then came a fork in the road
And he took the wrong turn,
The bottles emptied thick and fast
Some lies and some truths
Some beating and some running away
He was to reach heights
And he turned out to be acrophobic
Dreams came crashing down !
The bottle consumed another life…
Nectar turned to poison
The noose tightened .. The grip tight
On shaking hands
The laughter rare, the tears not drying
But there is hope
The silver lining of will and dedication
The lift that love and good wishes can bring
There will be another fork in the road soon,
To turn back onto the path
Once chosen, now long forgotten..
But the skill hasn’t died
The integrity is hidden beneath
And the man is alive,
So the purpose is not fulfilled
The learning still remains
The school re-opens and new teachers
Will find new ways
For the bottle to let go
And the toast of plain water
Raised to the star again !!
You willing….

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