And a trip begins …

Last night we thought we were all prepared, packed and ready to go, till I tried to login to my borderless prepaid card account. At first the website wouldn’t work, but that got resolved through excellent Tele-support. Once I managed to login, I realised that the account had not been uploaded with the dollars I had purchased two days back. Tried calling Thomas Cook and was told their working hours were only till 8pm. Then tried the support executive’s cellphone number which turned out to be wrong. And in the process we got delayed…. Just when we thought we were all ready.

Then came the message from Anshu, my mistake, I hadn’t sent him the note he had asked for. So I wrote that out quickly and finally we managed to sleep only by 10.45. I had a bet with mom last night that Krishnan will wake up at 3 am since we had to take the taxi to the airport at 5 am. He tried to argue that he would do no such thing :):) but I won the bet, he did wake up at 3, brushed his teeth and came back to lie down till 4 when I was planning to wake up. We really don’t need an alarm clock !! 🙂

Well, the “Meru cabs” driver who came called at 4.30 to ask about the route to our house. He apparently hasn’t been to Gurgaon often as he was driving a tourist taxi all this while. He did reach in time and while he started slowly, he did manage to reach near the airport well in time, before taking the turn towards Dwarka !! We kept telling him that it was the next turn and he didn’t listen. Finally he took the u-turn and came onto the right road. Interestingly, he offered not to charge us for the detour, and even more surprisingly, he waited for another car to back out of its place before letting us de-board. His comment was, “that driver won’t have the space to back up”. Just for being so considerate a driver in Delhi, we not only paid him in full but add some tips too. What a pleasant change :):).

Then came the long Indigo queues, which I managed to avoid by getting our boarding passes from the kiosk. A little disappointing was our seats had been allocated and they were in row 26 !! I don’t like being in the back of a plane, don’t know why, but I like sitting in the first 7 rows. Arun and Mano made me sit in the last row during the Dec term, while returning to Bangalore from Hyderabad. And now this time … Hmm, the flight was full so I kept my mouth shut and went an dropped off our baggage.

We don’t like the airline food and Mom had made dosas last night. Nisha you always knew when I opened my lunch box at work because of the awesome smell of the food. Well, I had firsthand experience of that today as I opened the dosa packets. Many people turned around to see where the smell was coming from. Mom does make great dosas and many other things, if only I can get her to measure things out …. Ok ok, I won’t complain. She has many fans. All our friends are fans of her awesome food.

We need to learn how to behave in public !! With the cheap smart phone invasion, I know exactly what the great man in the front row is listening to. The volume is high and his voice even louder. He is reading out the joke for everyone’s benefit in the plane, no sleeping on the plane. If he is awake, so should you be. Then a few rows ahead I can clearly hear the music that another fellow traveller is listening to. Please get headphones. They come with all the smart phones. Personal space is a little understood concept in our country and ofcourse we need training in schools about how to behave in public. Apparently they do that training in Japan. Wish our PM is borrowing that for our schools from his recent trip.

Anyway we got a great send off by the Delhi weather, with rains and a cooler temperature. Now looking forward to the vacation :). More on that later.

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